1429 Hijri, The Mourners of Muharram

I i looked up and saw an armed helicopter conducting aerial survey… There were armed personnel on many rooftops looking at us down below,  there was a convoy, belonging to different security forces, crawling in front of what appeared to be a huge crowd of both, old and the young, male and the female… and most of them […]

The Speculative Black Gold

  Pakistan is a living example of the threat that persists because of depletion of ‘energy’ resources, which are rapidly decreasing around the world… but is that true?  Will, for example – Oil… really finish? I came across a survey done by British Petroleum, published by the name of Statistical Review of World Energy – 2007. It can be found the on […]

The Economic Enlightenment…

Today my formal ‘economics’ education restarted… The fact that there is a formal and an informal separation in the educational setup of most developing nations bothers me… What they teach at business universities can’t be applied to realities of life. Theories explained in economics or business books look beautiful but they’re rarely applicable as real life scenarios involve many unknown […]

Pakistan: A Dead End…

The The roads are empty… the streets are silent… there is a trail of smoke rising to the skyline of the city… Welcome to the place where I live – Karachi… Almost every corner has traces of violence… Cars burnt, shops ransacked, and other public property damaged… All in the name of a tragedy that should ensue […]