Pakistan: A Dead End…

oct-18.jpgThe The roads are empty… the streets are silent… there is a trail of smoke rising to the skyline of the city… Welcome to the place where I live – Karachi…

Almost every corner has traces of violence… Cars burnt, shops ransacked, and other public property damaged… All in the name of a tragedy that should ensue a deeper understanding of the changing global dynamics… and not the destruction of thought and ideologies that define us as humans…

What will violence bring about? A further aggravation to the resentment. When I was out on the roads today, there was an edgy-ness all around…

While on the way to work, on one end I saw Rangers patrolling, and the armed man looking out for any miscreants… on the other – I I Chundrigar’s boys were out playing cricket in front of Jang Press, which is on the main road.. So ya… not a lot had changed in some people’s life….

I went for lunch in one of the lanes, and the restaurant was open and full… “Life was going on” – I thought to myself… Then I spoke to a friend of mine and his car was burnt down last nite when he was on his way back home… so for some life wasnt really going on….

The assasination of Benazir Bhutto… on 27th dec.  she was not the only one to disappear, alongwith her, having sanity to live in the world we inhabit did not make sense… you gotta be mad to be living in this mad world… its compulsory.


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