I pass a resolution condemning the passing of resolutions..

13th May, 2011

Friday morning, many journalists while heading to work would have thought how the in camera session would be the big news – perhaps it was. With the military chief, the ISI head and the air and naval forces commanders present, it was serious business.

And even though there was no press allowed, the news channels kept going red telling its viewers that it was really important. What was going to be discussed – ‘The Abbotabad operation and its aftermath’.

Parliamentarians would ask the intelligence and defense agencies why they failed to capture the most wanted man, why they were unaware of the US raid, and when it happened – why was it not countered?

But while all the preparation was going on in the morning as to who would be a good analyst on this developing story, another significant story came in – a twin suicide blast in a city not so known called ‘Shabqadar’ in the District of Charsadda, located in KPK province.

More than 80 people died in that tragic attack majority of who were security officials. Yet we saw news channels covering the ‘Osama Bin Laden aftermath’ for more than half an hour on prime time. Although I will like to further dwell on that but for now, I feel I have made my point about the insensitivity of news organizations clear enough.

As mentioned earlier, the act of terrorism in Shabqadar – was claimed by the Taliban – and they audaciously called it revenge for OBL’s killing. These Taliban are very same force that thrived due to our government and intelligence agencies support in the first place but that is another debate.

Coming back to the news inflow… And as if a message from this militant attack was not enough for the nation, the public got another message, this time from our ‘other’ close ally – the United States of America in the form a drone strike in the FATA region.

What can one say about a country that has invasions on all fronts? It is being accused of harboring Osama, it is being targeted by terrorists looking for revenge, yet it continues to allow drone attacks and has been fighting the insurgents in numerous locations.

In its fight against terrorism, Pakistan has lost more than thirty five thousand lives. The US lost only 3000 people in the 9/11 incident… But we still continue to debate if it is our war or not. Our people are dying… Is that not a proof enough?

Amidst all this, the country is going towards a financial collapse with a staggering loan of more than 60 billion dollars to international lenders, Pakistan is in trouble from all angles.

It is a country at war with itself without realizing it. A war of ideologies that has no foreseeable end. We live in a state of a paradox, an oxymoron, a chaos…

All this is a mocking reality check for those who were present on Friday’s parliament in camera session devising a strategy for Pakistan’s future.

So what did they do?

They passed a resolution…


2 thoughts on “I pass a resolution condemning the passing of resolutions..

  1. I don’t know about the writers of the country that where have they grown up? I think they all are belonging to elite class and their parents put them in UK, USA and European educational atmospheres. In-spite of having great information they are writing articles according to their own mind set. They don’t know the history of the country. It is clear that Pakistan is an unnatural state having herself full of so called religious thoughts and school of those thoughts. That were fully polished and expanded by six decades of Marshal Laws.

    Why we blame others? Isn’t terrorism the back bone of our foreign policy? Weren’t we the killers of Afghans? Didn’t we engineered the current forms of terrorism and extremism? Don’t we support them till now?

    Blaming others’ drone we should crush our own factories of drone “training camps and safe heaves”.

    • thank you for your comments brother. i wish our government had more sense. i totally agree with you. keep reading and writing. ciao!

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