Pakistan – as a nation or a temporary abode?

The Green Starvation

Nowadays the most favorite conversations most people indulge in are the talks about Pakistan’s survival..

But a more interesting spin to these sofa intellectualist convos is whether or not Pakistan is a nation to begin with..

I personally have always held a high regard for nationalistic values but suddenly or perhaps as far as my observations are concerned, the mindset of a nation, a homeland, a federation of Pakistani people is fading away..

Pakistan is fast acquiring the status of states within a country and on its way to becoming a house-land rather than a homeland for many.

After all, burning the Pakistani flag, banning the national anthem at schools is at one extreme of the disappearing national ideology in Balochistan, while on the other is the fight for making Pakistan the true Shariah based Islamic Republic in NWFP.. Punjab and Sindh’s people are in the middle path, between these two extremes, but their docile attitude and numbness towards these issues is willingly forcing many out of the equilibrium and pushing them to a more provincial based nationalistic thought process and at times a radical Islamic Mullah revolution.

As far as provincial autonomy is concerned, founder of Pakistan – Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah at numerous occasions highly objected to the idea of provincialism. But that idea has been lost in years of politics by the “leaders” (read feudals) that came after Jinnah, just so that these sardars, chaudries, waderas and the likes could enjoy a following on the basis of ethnic/racial divide.

On the other hand, coming back to the ‘mullah’ philosophy behind the creation of Pakisatn.. It is true that many today strongly advocate the reason for Pakistan’s independence was based on creating an Islamic state.. But if we study it closely, it seems like a disputed idea – Was Pakistan created on the grounds of an Islamic Ideology? If yes, why don’t we see any evidence of it in our present system- Our governing bodies follow the british model, our legal system is still dominated by the british law.. To top it off, recently Pervez Musharraf, the ex army dictator in a TV interview to CNN said that even the Pakistani army is an inheritance of the British army. So when so many british influenced systems still dominate the lives of Pakistanis what truth lies in the claims that Pakistan’s identity is based on Shariah.

So what is Shariah.. It is nothing more than living by the principles the last Prophet preached. But the recent talk of ‘Shariah’ highlights another carefully masterminded conspiracy hatched to distort its concept, I believe.

Today, Shariah has been calculatedly tainted with the blood of sacrifices made under a false pretext.. Shariah practiced or preached by the Taliban has been lashed by majority of the Muslim scholars gatherings..

But why have these scholars suddenly woken up? Where were they when people were taking over in the name of Shariah? Only when things get out of control, our Maulvis of Today come out and speak in opposition..

It is a nexus of these maulvis, separatists, and feudals, that is eating away the pillars of the principles Pakistan should stand upon.. This coupled with ethnic divides, sectarian intolerance, and racist discrimination has slowly eroded most of what I always have believed our country existed for..

A national identity…


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