Karachi: the City of Lights..

By Taha Siddiqui On the road below, I could see a rioting crowd chanting anti-government slogans. The fire they had lit in the middle of the road was high enough to be seen for miles. I could smell burnt rubber, and wood. As I stood there looking at those shabbily dressed men and children, a […]

The Death Hunters ..

by Taha S. Siddiqui “Gun shot in Keamari!” Shehroz shouted to his colleague as he hurriedly yanked off his Edhi jacket from the wall hanger. I had just entered the Edhi office and before I could even talk to him we were on our way, speeding to Keamari, accompanied by the blaring of a siren […]

1429 Hijri, The Mourners of Muharram

I i looked up and saw an armed helicopter conducting aerial survey… There were armed personnel on many rooftops looking at us down below,  there was a convoy, belonging to different security forces, crawling in front of what appeared to be a huge crowd of both, old and the young, male and the female… and most of them […]

Pakistan: A Dead End…

The The roads are empty… the streets are silent… there is a trail of smoke rising to the skyline of the city… Welcome to the place where I live – Karachi… Almost every corner has traces of violence… Cars burnt, shops ransacked, and other public property damaged… All in the name of a tragedy that should ensue […]